Super Tuscan

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Habitus has created something new and exclusive, Super Tuscan Cork Tile. It is produced using remnants of the cork industry in Spain and Portugal. Irregular shards of virgin cork are shaped by hand and supplied on sheets for installation like ceramic tiles. 

Renewable, recycled, handmade with no power tools or electricity. This mid-century modern innovation furthers the commitment made by our company in finding new ways to create sustainable and unique finish materials. 

Use for feature wall or accent floor applications in commercial or residential spaces; or use on wet wall areas such as showers. It insulates, its dampens sound, and most of all it very decorative. Produced in 2″ high cork and supplied on interlocking sheets measuring 12″ x 12″, in the natural finish of cork. We can also produce custom colors and color mixes, or simply supply you with varnish to for the natural color of cork. 

Photos by Beverly Laurel Hotel / / Tripadvisor

Photo by Continental Restaurant / Alex Markow


2″ High Natural, Super Tuscan Cork Mosaic Tile shown finished with urethane grout in off white color.

2″ High Color Mix SNGRM, in Natural, Grey & Mushroom

2″ High Color Mix SNPBK, in Natural, Pickling White & Black

2″ High Color Mix SNPWT, in Natural, Pickling White & Walnut

2″ High Color Mix SVINO, in the many Colors of Wine

2″ High Color Mix SNGRP, in Natural, Grey & Pickling White

2″ High Color Mix SNCWT, in Natural, Chocolate & Walnut

2″ High Color Mix SNCWT, in Natural & Green Tea

2″ High Color Mix SNSP, in Natural & Spice

2″ High Color Mix SNPW, in Natural & Pickling White

2″ High Color Mix SNBK, in Natural & Black

2″ High Color Mix SNWT, in Natural & Walnut

2″ High Color Mix SNCH, in Natural & Chocolate

2″ High Color Mix SNGP, in Natural & Grape

2″ High Color Mix SNOR, in Natural & Orange

2″ High Color Mix SNIW, in Natural & Island Water