Shirasu Kabe

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Shirasu Kabe is a unique plaster wall finish produced from volcanic soil in Japan, with very special properties found in no other material. It is proven to purify the air in the room where it is applied, only possible because of the all natural organic ceramic magma it contains. It also controls humidity; extracting indoor humidity when levels are high and releasing the same when the air is dry & humidity is low. This helps in keeping spaces comfortable meanwhile reducing energy consumption by requiring less use of air conditioning.

Shirasu Kabe can be applied over cement boards, gypsum boards and over painted surfaces treated with a latex primer. Suitable for interior wall applications, and easy applied by trowel with the possibility to create custom textures such as striations using application tools. Ideal for use in residential and commercial projects; such as healthcare, spas and restaurants. Rated Class A Material under ASTM E84 Flame Spread & Toxicity. 


Texture: Kushi Biki

Shown in Color# SN4

Application Tools Available.