Cork Fabric

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The Habitus Cork Fabric Collection features the world’s most unique styles and designs in cork fabric material available today. Made in Italy. Suitable for Wall Covering, Upholstery or Textiles. Featuring natural styles of cork, color stained versions and unique metallic gold or silver backed cork patterns. Handmade using a thin slice of cork mounted onto a 100% cotton fabric backing.

Available in rolls measuring 57″ wide, sold by the yard with some minimum quantities applicable. Special orders for custom designs & custom colors are available. We can supply the colors shown with or without metallic backing.

57″ Large Roll (1 yard equals 14.25 sq.ft.). There may be a 5 to 10 yard minimum quantity for some styles. We do keep small amounts of various styles in stock for sample purposes. Normal delivery time 2 to 4 weeks. Please call 1-800-729-5120 for order details. 


Style: Quadro Naturale

Style: Trasverso Naturale

Style: Minore Naturale

Style: Marmorata Naturale

Style: Sardegna Naturale

Style: Minore Oro (Gold)

Style: Minore Argento (Silver)

Style: Triplex Oro (Gold)

Style: Triplex Argento (Silver)

Style: Fiore Oro (Gold)

Style: Fiore Rosso (Red)

Style: Fiore Antico (Antiqued)

Style: Antartide Bianco

Style: Antartide Nero

Style: Antartide Marrone

Style: Minore Verde Metallico

Style: Minore Blu Metallico

Style: Minore Aranciato Metallico

Style: Minore Nero Metallico

Style: Minore Rosso Metallico

Style: Minore Giallo Metallico

Style: Minore Marrone Metallico

Style: Triplex Arancio Metallico

Style: Triplex Rosso Metallico

Style: Triplex Marrone Metallico

Style: Triplex Nero Metallico

Style: Triplex Giallo Metallico