HABITUS CORK MOSAIC “PENNY” TILES are the forward-looking green finish material! And like all cork products; Cork Mosaic Tile is a renewable resource. It is literally recycled from the wine stopper industry from Spain and Portugal. Chips are fashioned by hand on sheets and installed to walls and floors using mortar and grout. Similar procedures as for any typical ceramic or mosaic tiles. It can also be stained in numerous custom colors.

MIX IT UP! Introducing new & exclusive Habitus Cork Mosaic Tile Color Mix! Choose from an array of color options and create your own personalized mix of Cork Mosaic Tile. Add depth, design and creativity to your next project. It’s simple to choose your favorite colors and allocate percentages, and bring your ideas to life with this new option in Cork Mosaic Tile! Ask us to assist you in creating your own mix today, contact us by phone or e-mail for details.

HABITUS introduced Cork Mosaic Tile to the American market over 10 years ago. It is available directly from us, we ship worldwide. We accept major credit cards, checks, and Paypal. Call or e-mail us for pricing and availability information.

New & Exclusive! Habitus introduces Cork Mosaic Tile Color Mix!

Shirasu Kabe is a plaster finish for interior walls that provides unique health benefits!

SHIRASU KABE is a unique plaster wall finish produced from volcanic soil in Japan, with very special properties found in no other material. It is proven to purify the air in the room where it is applied, only possible because of the all natural organic ceramic magma it contains. It also controls humidity; extracting indoor humidity when levels are high and releasing the same when levels are dry & low. Keeping spaces comfortable meanwhile reducing energy consumption by requiring less use of air conditioning.

Bark Finish

Coarse Brush Finish

Striated Finish

Brush Finish

HABITUS CORK FABRIC COLLECTION for Wall Covering, Upholstery or Textiles. Featuring unique floral patterns with unique backing materials including metallic gold. All cork patterns are thinly mounted on 100% cotton. This material is inherently anti-bacterial, thermally & acoustically insulative. Available in rolls measuring 57″ wide, and in a variety of natural textures, styles and colors. Custom designs available, some minimums may apply, please inquire to our sales dept. at 1-800-729-5120 or info@habituscollection.com.

BARNWOOD TILES are derived from an eclectic mix of reclaimed, re-purposed and recycled wood materials from sources throughout the United States. Making efficient their origins, they are proposed in small formats for interior use on feature wall & ceilings (not suitable for flooring). The material provides for a natural variations and unique characteristics, as no two pieces of Barnwood Tile are alike. As if the material were personalized for your project. Supplied in pre-mounted panel sections for easy installation using a contact adhesive.

HABITUS continues to pioneer in the development of sustainable tile materials, introducing a new natural & healthy tile finish; HABITUS IVORY PALM MOSAIC TILE!

WHAT? Made from Tagua, also known as “vegetable ivory” or “ivory nut” because it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. This material is environmentally safe and sustainably sound, harvested from palm trees and carved into penny round mosaics suitable for use as floors or walls. Natural, warm & durable; it is as dense and strong as marble stone.

HABITUS IVORY PALM is available in penny round diameter sizes; 1″, & 1-3/8″. Supplied on face mounted sheets measuring 12″ x 12″ nominal.  This material is installed using a tile adhesive and urethane tile grout.

INSTALLATION? It is installed using a tile adhesive, sealed with a water-based sealer (a type typical for natural stone) and finished with a urethane tile grout.